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Wasp Control and Nest Removal

The type of nest produced by wasps can depend on the species and location. Many social wasps produce paper pulp nests on trees, in attics, holes in the ground or other such sheltered areas with access to the outdoors. By contrast solitary wasps are generally parasitic or predatory and only the latter build nests at all. Unlike honey bees, wasps have no wax producing glands. Many instead create a paper-like substance primarily from wood pulp. Wood fibers are gathered locally from weathered wood, softened by chewing and mixing with saliva. The pulp is then used to make combs with cells for brood rearing. More commonly, nests are simply burrows excavated in a substrate (usually the soil, but also plant stems), or, if constructed, they are constructed from mud.

Keith Potts Pest Control specialises in the eradication of wasps and the destruction and removal of their nests. Wasp nests are frequently located in loft spaces, cavity walls and in garden sheds.

Wasp control aims to place the insecticide at the entrance of the nest to allow wasps entering to spread the insecticide throughout the colony which will prove fatal. The nest can then be dismantled and destroyed.

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